The Academy for Addictive Disorders

wants to welcome each and every student to challenge themselves to be the very best professional in the field. He says; "Teaching is more than just imparting knowledge. Our primary directive is to cultivate a love of learning in our students. To make sure we help each student become the very best in their field."


Florida Board applicants please be advised; ACADEMY FOR ADDICTIVE DISORDERS, LLC. does not guarantee acceptance into the “professional” level unless you have a bachelor's or master's degree as required by the State of FLorida Certification Board. You must have earned a college degree from a school accredited by The US Department of Education & one of its Six Regional Accrediting Bodies.





Master's Level Certified Addictions Professional



Certified Addictions Professional (CAP)


Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC)


Certified Mental Health Professional



Certified E - Therapist




Certified Prevention

(CPS) or (CPP)


Certified Gambling Addiction Counselor



Recovery Coach (Certification)


Case Manager (Certification)


Interventionist (Certification)


Recovery Residence Administrator



Peer Specialists



Tabacco Treatment Specialist




Mental Health & Behavioral Health Tech 



All Courses offered in classroom or online!


(Master's) Expert Level - Requires a master's degree earned from an accredited institution of higher Learning in a related field.


(Professional) Mid Level - Requires a bachelor's degree or master's degree earned from an accredited institution of higher Learning in a related field.


(Counselor) Entry Level -  Requires a high school diploma, AA, AS or a vocational degree e.g. (Licensed Cosmetologist, Licensed Practical Nurse, or Licensed Massage Therapist).


Master's Level Certified Addiction Professional & Certified Addiction Professional (MCAP) & CAP are knowledgeable in all phases of addictions and their treatment. 


Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC). A CAC is knowledgeable in all phases of addictions and their treatment but has no supervisory rights.


To become a MCAP,CAP, CAC - The Florida Certification Board requires 350 hours of classroom education. Once you have completed the 350 hours of classroom education, and you have completed the application portfolio in its entirety, and then you are eligible to sit for the Florida State Board Exam. The FCB also requires "On the Job Experience" 350hrs of Clinical Supervision (Supervisor's e.g. MCAP, CAP, LMHC, LCSW, LMFT." 3 professional references. 


 We provide our students with the latest information on addictions and mental health with the very best faculty and learning enviroment in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties. We have a proven record of preparing our students for the board examination.



State of Florida Certification Board Exams:


MCAP: MCAP Board Exam

CAP: CAP Board Exam

CAC: IC&RC International Board Exam

CBHT: CBHT Board Exam

MCAP Official Requirements
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CAP Official Requirements
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CAC Official Requirements
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CET Official Requirements
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CMHP Official Requirements
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CGAC Official Requirements
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CRRA Official Requirements
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CRSS Official Requirements
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CTTS Official Requirements
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CPP Official Requirements
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CPS Official Requirements
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CBHT Official Requirements
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